Ravino Gardens

Born from the passion for nature of Marine Captain Giuseppe D’Ambra , the Ravino Gardens are home to 5000 specimens, 400 species, mostly cactus and succulents, 200 Cycadee, Palms and Musaceae, in a fascinating natural Mediterranean flora scenario, with olive and citrus trees, and aromatic plants and herbs.

You can visit the Gardens through barrier-free paths, and admire plants of different sizes and shapes.

The Ravino Gardens are also home to exhibitions, art shows, crafts , photography, editorial reviews, performances, screenings, concerts and conferences, are home to a CSA (local Community Supported Agriculture) and to an Association aiming to spread the knowledge of homeopathic medicine.

In 2010, the Gardens Ravino who won the prize OPE (European Parliamentary Observatory and of the Council of Europe) for the development of the area.

Guevara Tower