Guevara Tower

Located in the Bay of Cartaromana, the Guevara’s, or Michelangelo’s, or St. Anne’s (for the church dedicated to the saint) Tower is a turreted house featuring a square base and once surrounded by high walls. It was built at the end of 1400, probably by Don Juan De Guevara.

The tower is surrounded by a large garden bordering the waters of Cartaromana and those of a disused source; it’s located in front of the Aragonese Castle, a short distance from the rocks of St. Anne, an important Roman archaeological site featuring pottery factories and metalwork workshops.

It is said that in 1500 there lived Michelangelo Buonarroti, secret lover of the poetess Vittoria Colonna, the wife of Francesco Ferrante d’Avalos.

Today the tower hosts art exhibitions and cultural events.

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