Aenaria, the sunken city

Aenaria is an old Roman town dating from the fourth century that sunk after a volcanic eruption followed by disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis. It is located in the Bay of Cartaromana, in the strip of sea between the Aragonese Castle and the rocks of Sant’Anna, across the town of Ischia Ponte.

The inhabitants of ‘Aenaria’, from the Latin word “aenum”, meaning “metal”, were expert lead, iron, and copper craftsmen, and also made clay pots. The town was discovered by change in 1972 during a diving expedition, when divers found pieces of masonry and lead bars bearing the name of the old shop that sold them.

Today visitors can take a scuba diving tour to see the area, as the creation of an Submerged Archeologic Park proposed by local associations is still under way. Alternatively, the ruins of Aenaria can also be viewed through glass-bottomed boats. Booking the tour is recommended, especially in the high season.