Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, with traditions which are completely independent from those of the city of Naples, the island of Ischia, in addition to different variants of bread (like the famous “Zingara”), pasta and pizza, offers mountain-style dishes as the Ischia rabbit, produced from the particular farming technique used to grow the Ischia rabbit, who lives into the holes in the ground.

Being an island with advanced maritime traditions, Ischia offers also delicious seafood including squid, bluefish from the Tyrrhenian Sea, octopus, redfish and ‘fravagli’ (mullet’s small fishes).

Among the specialties of Ischia, you cannot ignore the lemon, used in numerous recipes, and the orange, but also local and typical Mediterranean spices and herbs.

Typical of Ischia are many spirits, from the classic limoncello to the bitter herbal and indigenous products, such as liqueurs of apple, licorice, melon and arugula.

A separate discussion should be done about the famous local wines: here the wine growing dates back thousands of years. On Nestor’s cup, found in Lacco Ameno, a sentence praising the good local wine could be read. The cultivation technique recalls the Greek tradition and is different from the one used in Central Italy and in the inland areas of Campania. There are many crops on the island of Ischia which extend from the coasts to the mountain slopes.

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